HERO HouseThe HERO House is a sober living, recovery residence program for college students in early sobriety from addictions. We work with young men who want to learn how to balance their education with their recovery.

Many of our students come from primary or extended care treatment programs, but some come to us having prior recovery experience and need a supportive environment to learn the skills necessary to maintain sobriety while beginning or continuing their education.

Our program is based on the concept that if you raise a person’s self-esteem, everything in their life improves. Relapse rates go down for those who have a positive sense of self. Educational success becomes greater as well as the individual’s ability to manage their daily lives. That’s what we strive for at The HERO House. We work on three different parts of the individual. We work on their recovery, their education, and life-skills. When a person graduates our program, they have maintained sobriety for a number of months while balancing school work and being a positive member of the community.

To learn more about HERO House, please visit www.herohouse.com



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