Introducing Sober24 Recovery Network

At Hazelden, they are introducing a whole new way for you to focus on your sobriety while having fun and meeting others in recovery at the same time.

This online community, known as Sober24, is a place where those who are clean and sober can connect with recovery support and relapse prevention resources, attend a meeting, chat with friends, and find inspiration, all for free from the comfort of your home or office.

A few of Sober24′s features include:

  • 12-Step meetings moderated by peers from the Sober24 and Hazelden communities
  • a “read along” Book of the Month club where readers can access weekly author commentary and video clips and attend a live chat hosted by the author at the end of each month
  • a Sneak Peek at passages from books not yet published
  • an “Our Stories” section where site members are encouraged to submit their personal stories of recoverya blog, “Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife,” featuring journal entries from Brenda Wilhelmson who shares the struggle as a recovering alcoholic housewife in a culture of heavy social drinking
  • a blog, “Pep Talk with Earnie Larsen,” featuring wisdom and inspiration recovery-coach-style by the popular author and speaker
  • a place for private journaling with the option of following prompts from recovery advocate and author William Cope Moyers who offers inspirational and educational messages to guide writing and reflection in his column, “A New Day, A New Life”
  • Online discussions organized by topic
  • Join this worldwide community of over 11,000 members in recovery, and bring online support and inspiration into your daily life. Visit to join the community.

Sober24′s Book of the Month Club launched this week!

Join popular author and recovery expert Allen Berger Ph.D. for a month of focus on emotional sobriety. Get 20% off his book,
12 Smart Things to Do When The Booze and Drugs are Gone and then follow along with the weekly recommended readings. Sign on to Sober24 to check out the author’s weekly commentary and video posts on topics related to the assigned reading, then mark your calendar for a live chat event lead by Allen Berger himself. All are welcome to participate in this club, as you don’t have to buy a book to participate in this lively online exchange.

Randy Haveson

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Randy Haveson
Randy Haveson is the Founder & CEO of HERO House, a sober living, recovery residence program for college students in early sobriety from addictions. Learn More

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