Randy Haveson

Randy Haveson

Randy Haveson

Randy Haveson has been working in the addiction field since 1986 and in higher education since 1990. His passion is working with college students in early sobriety. Randy was a college student himself when he began his own journey into recovery in 1984.

His professional career began in the substance abuse treatment field. Randy worked for three different treatment centers, counseling both adolescents and young adults. This blossomed into a career on a college campus where Randy was the coordinator of alcohol and other drug education, working with college students on alcohol and other drug education, prevention, and treatment. This is where Randy developed the concept for his “Party with a Plan” program, where he teaches college students how to make good decisions with alcohol, based on a harm reduction model.

Over a period of nine years, Randy worked on three different campuses, all in the same position, but expanding his focus. He was speaking more and more on various campuses around the country and was creating a reputation as a speaker and consultant on a national level. In 1999, Randy decided to leave his current campus to become a full time professional speaker. His “Party with a Plan” program and his self-esteem workshops were becoming widely recognized and appreciated. He was honored by the BACCHUS Peer Education Network during their 25 year anniversary celebration, being named as one of the “Best of the Best” speakers on college campuses across North America.

As Randy was working with college students all those years, it became apparent that campuses provided very little support for college students suffering the effects of addiction. There were no sober living options for students in early sobriety. There were few if any resources for students who were in recovery, and even less for those who needed an intervention to get them into treatment.

In 2004 Randy came up with the idea of opening a sober living community for college students in early sobriety from addictions. At the time, there was nothing similar anywhere in the country. There were a couple campuses that had residential recovery support programs on campus and a few campuses had formal support for students on their specific campus, but nowhere did a program exist where students could attend a variety of local colleges while learning the skills to remain sober and continue or start a college career. And that was the basis for HERO House.

Even the name was a late night inspiration, when Randy woke up at 3:00am with the thought, “The Higher Education Recovery Option.” And HERO House was born. The doors of HERO House opened in 2005 with one house and 4 beds in Kennesaw, GA. One house expanded to two, then three, and then four. Today, HERO House provides sober living for college students from around the world, helping them strengthen their recovery and giving them the tools they need to be successful college students.

To learn more about Randy Haveson, please visit www.randyspeaks.com

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